Denim has changed the face of fashion

Mahak Group is one of the leading manufacturer in denim Industries

Quality Control

We Stand by our Quality

Quality has been the primary point of our attention since the inception of Mahak Group. All our team members stand by our quality standards, and we deliver 100% Quality Assurance across the entire cycle of production; raw-material to finished denim. Our complete production life cycle is managed and monitored by a Quality Control Expert team.

Ultra-modern Machinery

At Mahak Group, our production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art testing labs that are duly supported by ultra-modern machinery and technology. Any denim product that leaves the production facility is accompanied by computerized spectrophotometer shading. This helps us in upholding standardization of finished products.

Additionally, we voluntarily abide by international quality standards and inspection procedures. That is why we consistently and relentlessly deliver uncompromised, world-class denim.

Full Control over the Production Cycle

One of the significant reasons for our Quality Assurance is our full control over the production cycle. We are totally backward integrated with 3 firms performing different tasks in the manufacturing process. Moreover, all 3 firms stay abreast with the latest trends and technology to usher further improvements in our quality process.

Human Safety & Environment

Safety of our employees & customers and protection of the environment are up there with the most important objectives of Mahak Group. We don’t use any dyes or chemicals that can cause harm to human skin or health. All our chemicals and dyes are environment friendly. Moreover, our factories are also efficient that reduce the pollution emitted to the minimum possible.

All in all, our aim is to become the top denim company in the industry; one that delivers superior quality everytime.